It’s Christmas! (nearly…)

It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaas! Haven't been active for a while. Wanted to check in with you all. How are you all doing?


Dear, Future Medics… 💊

I've been on here a little over a month now and I've enjoyed every minute! It really is a lovely hobby. I've made some good progress (for a newbie) in terms of followers both on here and Twitter (@MediBlogz) so, thank you to all of my wonderful followers - I really appreciate your support and... Continue Reading →

The Application – A Whistle Stop Tour

Scared by the thought of applying to med school? Want a bit of reassurance? Check out this article for my experience of the application process - it's not as bad as you think (I mean the application process, not my article. Cheeky.)


Anyone still facing the bitter cold? Check this out for a light, but interesting (hopefully) read!


Hello to all of you lovely people who have kindly taken the time to read this article! I greatly appreciate it and hope its of some use.

This post is going to be a relatively short one and has been written quite quickly, but I assure you its relevant to the icy cold weather we’ve all had to brave (if you live in the UK that is). Us lovely folk in the UK appear to be under attack from the ‘Beast from the East’ which, in simple terms, is a cold weather front that has migrated from the Arctic towards the UK. Its carved a path of destruction and has been termed one of the worst weather conditions the UK has faced for some time.

My inspiration for this little article came from one particular walk I took the other day at the height of this deep-freeze. As I was walking…

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Hi to all my lovely readers, Just a quick message! I'm writing this post as I'm eager to expand my social network to hopefully increase the reach of my work. If you would like to help form this network, let me know in the comments below and follow me on here and/or Twitter (@Medi_Blogz) and... Continue Reading →

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